Technaxx 4-Port USB Magnetic Smart Charger TE10

4-port USB desk charger with magnetic holder for Smartphones

Product Highlights

  • Universal 4-port USB magnetic charger for Smartphones with DC 5V input
  • Charging of 4 USB devices simultaneously
  • Fast and efficient desk charger with 6.8A
  • Single output current 2x 1.0A and 2x 2.4A
  • 5V 7A over voltage &amp over current protection
  • LED indicator

    Technical Specifications

  • Output current USB charger max. DC 5V/6.8A
  • Power supply (input voltage) AC 100V~240V
  • Material ABS, Anti-fire class A0
  • 35&deg angle of inclination of the magnetic holder
  • Anti-static and anti-interference PCB design for stable charging
  • Solid Neodymium magnet plate for secure hold
  • Soft rubberized finish and non-slip rubber pad
  • Different possibilities to attach the metal plate to the mobile device

    Package Contents

  • 4-Port USB Magnetic Smart Charger TE10
  • 2-pin AC input cable
  • 1 metal plate
  • User Manual

    Dimensions and Weight

  • Weight / Dimensions charger 330g / (L) 7.6 x (W) 7.6 x (H) 7.6cm
  • Weight / Dimensions metal plate 6g / (L) 5.0 x (W) 3.4 x (H) 0.1cm


€ 30.85

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